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A gentle shake of your head however can tell you if you do have a sinus infection. If you move your head even slightly, the pain will increase and this is a good method of deciding whether the headache is actually due to a sinus infection. If you have a sinus infection, do not shake your head, as the pain will increase.

Another method is to try bending over. The moment you lower your head you will feel as if there is something heavy inside your head. If doing so leads you to discover you have a sinus infection, refrain from bending over until the infection clears.

If you have a sinus problem, blow your nose often. Blowing your nose helps to get rid of the mucus that accumulates in the sinuses. It is better if you can blow your nose after a steam inhalation.

It is also a good idea to water rinse your nose. This is a very effective way of clearing your sinuses and saving your self from a bout of dust allergy as well. All you have to do is cup your hand and hold a little bit of water in it. Dip you nose in and inhale the water very gently.

The water must only ascend the passage of your nose and must not go any further. You can control the ascent of the water by controlling your breath. After this, breathe out and let the water out. Repeat this a couple of times. You might snort the first two or three times but after that you will soon get the hang of it.

Know your sinus points and use the acupressure method to treat your self and rid yourself of the pain.

The best thing about the acupressure method is that it has no side effects. It is something that you can do completely on your own and if you are doing it properly, you can get almost instant relief. I have described the steps in detail in the points that follow, try doing it and I promise you, you will be glad that you did it.

  1. First of all you have to get a clear idea of where your sinuses really are.
  2. For this I recommend that you lie down on a flat surface preferably without the support of a pillow.
  3. The next thing you should do is run your fingers gently over your face, taking note of the various rises and falls.
  4. Now let your fingers linger in the portion above your eyes but just below the eyebrow.
  5. Feel the bone over there and let you fingers sense out a notch in that bone.
  6. This space extends from there towards the nasal bone.
  7. This is your first sinus point
  8. Now let your fingers trail down further till they reach the depressions if we can call them that on both sides of the nose halfway between the eyes and your mouth. This is your second sinus point.
  9. Now what you have to do is apply pressure to these sinus points.
  10. You have to be careful when you do this and please take care to use only the soft balls of your fingers and not the tips, which may have long nails.
  11. First of all apply pressure gently.
  12. You might experience a particular pricking sensation as you do.
  13. If it hurts, you may stop immediately.
  14. If not you may continue applying more and more pressure till you can tolerate it.
  15. Then gently let go and lie there fore a minute experiencing the pain fading away.
  16. Repeat this with the second sinus point.
  17. A point that you may bear in mind is that if your sinuses are infected these regions will be slightly swollen.

Crying is not good for a headache. If you are prone to sinus headaches, crying is not good for you. When such a person cries for even a minute or two there is very good chance that the tears will lead to a headache.

If you feel you might start crying, try breathing deeply, or try to lie down and fall asleep. Some situations are unavoidable, but some, like sad movies, are easy to avoid.



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