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Maintain a headache diary. I know that the idea might sound strange but I really mean it. This is something that every one who suffers from headaches should do.

The person should closely monitor himself or herself. The factors that person should take into account are food and beverage intake, weather conditions, stress and menstrual cycles.

Try to identify the causes that lead to the headache or in other words the causes that trigger off the headache. Find out how often and how frequent the aches are and whether they are related to any external condition like the weather perhaps or travel. It is really not very difficult to do this.

This exercise will help the person find out if there are definite causes and then all that the person has to do is to avoid those causes.

Measure your migraine. Your migraine can be measure in terms of the following criteria:

  • Frequency: How often do you get the migraine?
  • Intensity: How severe is the pain? You can measure this yourself using a 5-point scale. 0 stands for no pain at all, while 5 means that you have the worst pain that you have ever had.
  • Duration: How long does the pain last. Does it go by itself or you have to get a deep sleep before you get any relief.
  • Medication: Do you have to take any medicines before you get any relief from it and if you have to do how many medicines do you take and in what quantity?



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