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Stay away from sedatives. Sedatives are not a solution to your sleep problems. Many of them are addictive and their medicine will eventually stop working for you.
Sedatives also affect the time that you wake up. You might get a good night’s sleep when you take sedatives, but the chances are rare that you will wake up refreshed.

Each time you get a headache do not reach for your aspirin. Some headaches go by themselves. Do not make you body dependent on aspirin.

Contraceptive pills can trigger headaches because these pills actually interfere with the hormonal functioning in the body. (Then again, last time we checked, screaming babies trigger headaches as well.)

Consult the doctor specifically for the headache. Many people feel queasy about going to a doctor with something as insignificant as a headache. But the fact is that there is nothing insignificant about a headache.

It is one of the most maddening things in the world. Every year the nation loses millions of dollars worth of productive days because good workers go down with headaches.
There is nothing to feel bad about consulting a doctor about a headache. In fact many practitioners do a thriving business by setting up headache clinics g here and there. If you have a headache diary like the one we mentioned in the above point, it would be very useful to your doctor in reaching a good diagnosis.

But you may however tell you doctor that the last thing you would prefer would be OTC medication. You know what OTC stands for don’t you? It stands for Over the Counter medication.

Try to help your doctor reach a better diagnosis and follow the suggestions of your doctor as well.

Give your doctor a complete list of the all the medicines that you consume. You have to remember that some of these medicines might be altering your vascular system leading to a headache.

The medicines that you have to take particular not of are birth control pills, medicines for blood pressure and any hormone supplements.


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