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Dip cotton in iced water and apply it on your forehead. This is a way of soothing a sore head. But do not leave on the cotton for too long.
Or if you have had a particularly bad day you could try applying an ice bag to your head. But again, remember that objective is to cool your head and not to chill it so do not apply the ice bag for too long.

The wrong sitting posture can result in a headache. If you do not sit properly when you are working you could crap the muscles of your neck and shoulders. Remember that if the muscles of you neck are cramped it will result in a headache. The following tips will help you to get the correct posture

  • Never slouch in your chair.
  • Try to sit as erect as possible.
  • Instead of bending over, try to hold whatever you have to do up so that your neck is straight.
  • Try and get a writing board and put your work on this board.
  • Sit back on your chair and prop writing board on your chest supporting it on the edge of the table. In this way you can sit and do your work.

If you find you continue to have bad posture, you may consider buying a lumbar support pad, a doughnut hole or other devices designed to make you sit correctly. These are available in office stores and medical supply stores.

Never shake your head violently. You may want to refrain from riding fast rollercoasters, or even driving on unfinished roads.



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