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Incense smoke is not good for you. Incense smoke contains a lot of alkaloids and the inhalation of these can spark of a lot of changes in the internal mechanism, do not take the risk.

Too much noise is bad for you. In fact sound pollution is one of the causes for headaches to become so prevalent.

Contrary to popular belief, sound pollution is not cause just by machines and automobiles. I do not want to argue with the fact that machines and automobiles cause a lot of sound. A journey down the street during the rush hour is enough to give any body a headache. But apart from that blaring music too does a lot of harm.

Take care to lower the volume if you want to listen to music. Loud music is not really good for you. And if you want to play music in order to soothe your nerves and instead you are playing loud music, it will have just the opposite effect. Your blood pressure will actually go up and your adrenalin levels too will increase.

The best thing that you can do is stay away from all sources of loud noise and that includes noisy kids as well.

Plug your ears if you are moving into a loud sound zone. Use earplugs, earmuffs or thick wads of cotton. Most grocery stores and convenience stores carry sound-reducing and sound-blocking earplugs, many of which are not too noticeable.

Colors too have an impact. The colors around you can have an impact on the way your mind works. This is especially true when it comes to the rooms you move about in.
Red and orange are clearly not the most suitable colors for your bedroom and the living room. It is better to go for light pastel shades or dark soothing colors like blues and greens.

Aerosols are bad for you. If you are prone to sinus infection aerosols are bad for you so try not to use them as far as possible.

Avoid stuffy rooms. Stuffy rooms mean that obviously there is not enough air in the room. If the room smells musty too it is a good idea to get out f the room or open all the windows and doors and let the fresh air come in.

It is also not good for you to sleep in a room that does not have proper ventilation. Even if the A/C is turned on, try to also turn on the fan to circulate the air.

If you find it impossible to stay away from dust at least wear a gas mask.

Dress suitable when you are indoors as well as outdoors. Your choice of what to wear must be in complete harmony with the weather conditions and the temperature around you.

You have to understand that too much is just as bad as too little. If you wrap yourself up tightly all the time you are in fact restricting the flow of blood to certain parts of the body.
Ties and scarves must be avoided as much a s possible and if you have to wear these, try to keep them as loose as possible without appearing too dowdy.



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